Besides organic vegetable and fruits we also sell a wide variety of organic cheeses, dairy, meats, groceries, RAW-food, gluten,- and sugarfree products.
Customers with specific questions are always welcome, we gladly help with finding solutions for allergies and diets.

Our opening hours can be found on our contact page. You can also find our products at other points of sale in the region.

Fresh products from the garden

The base of your business is the garden. During opening hours (found on the contact page) you can pick your own fruits, harvest vegtable and collect eggs. All producs grown in the garden carry the organic quality mark.

Fruits and vegetables

Vegetables and fruits are at the centre of Sprankenhof, they are also sold in the store. There is a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables sold throughout the year. Products you can always find in our store are our self grown vegetables, this assortiment is filled three times a week with products from locals and or businesses a bit farther away.
Would you like a package with vegetables and or fruits for the whole week?.
If you order before 10am the order will be ready the day after.
E-mail us your shoppinlist and we will put it together for you!
This is not just for fruits and vegetables this also includes dairy, meats, bread and shelf-stable products.


We have a wide range of organic cheeses.You can find over 20 kinds of hard and soft cow cheeses, more than 10 kinds of hard and soft goat cheeses, sheep chees, herb cheese, and cheese with vegetarian rennet. We also occasionally offer seasonal and specialty cheeses. You are most welcome to try our Brabants Blauwe (blue mold cheese) and fenugreek chees!


We sell oraganic meat produced at: de Regte Heijden (local meat, beef),
organic farm Schuttershof (pig) and Kemperkip (chicken)


Do you want special yeast-bread or sourdough-bread.
Is eating real spelt bread (without barley) something you enjoy.
Do you value the authentic taste of bread, bread that has been slow risen?
Or your first choice a delicious current-raisins bun?
We offer a wide variety of organic breads, you are welcome to ask any questions about our assortiment. Our bread assortment is producted by organic bakery Ad van der Wesen bv located in Waspik. We sell either frozen bakeoff bread or on request freshly baked bread. Are you interested in gluten-free organic bread, let us know! We have those occasionally.

A store full of presents

All products for sale at Sprankenhof are an amazing gift on their own, alone or in a gift package. For example: an organic regional products package with tomato saus from Natuurlijk Tomaat. And gold-of-pleasure oil produced at Heining&Hoef. Or a typical Dutch package with organic products like speltpasta produced at Boerderij Landzicht and or chocolat spread by no-sugar-daddies. Besides that we offer giftcards for the picking garden or a cooking studio activity.

Products made at Sprankenhof

All our products are housemade this process takes place in our own production room. The products are produced without added chemical color, fragrance, flavouring and perservatives. Most products carry the organic certification and carry the label for Brabantse regional products. In our production room we have help from people with a mental disability. They follow a learn-working process. A course that helps them get work experience needed to be reintroduced into the job marked. You can find more information about guided participation here.

‘Fruit on a stick’ Ice pops

Our fruit-flavoured housemade ice pops were once product of the IJscobeer.
These ice pops are free of gluten, lactose, color and E-number. They are full of organic fruits grown and harvested at our own farm. Besides selling them in our store we also serve them on our tarrace. Currently available at larger quantities. (order only)

Tea made of organic herbs

Herb tea sold at Sparnkenhof is produced by Marlies Engels. Her blends are brimfull of organic herbs. These different blends are served on our tarrace. Other items made by Marlies are vailable in the store. Such as different kinds of organic ointmetns and oils. Herbs used in her products are grown in her own herb garden. Organic herbs are cultivated and processed to improve ones health. In addition, we sell herbs, tea and ointments produced by het Kruidenrijk.

Cakes and biscuits with organic ingredients

All our cakes and biscuits are solely made with organic ingredients. The cakes and biscuits are baked freshly daily during our harvesing season. All sweet product are constantly changing as we addapt to seasonal ingredients. We offer Specially made sweets for people with lactose and or sugar intolerance. Most products in our sweets assortiment are also available for order.

Preservation products

Eating your freshly picked fruits right away is delicious. But what if you want to preserve your fruits and vegetables by turning them into a tasty jam, chutney or pickle relish? We have various items for sale that can help you with that. Such as: glass pots, lids and our own organic gelling sugar. The perfect starting items for way your own jam and or pickling!