In our picking garden you are allowed to pick your own fruits, vegtables and collect eggs. Everything in the garden is organicly grown. Our opening hours are found on our contact page.

Visiting Sprankenhof in summer is an ideal getaway. You are allowed to pick fruits and vegtables to your hearts content. When you are finished picking, head back to the store so we can weight them. Prices are weight based and you get the joy of being outside for free!

Map of the garden

On arrival you are granted with a map. This is to easily navigate through the garden. There are baskets available for customers but you are also allowed to bring one of your own.

Vegtables and fruits in the garden

All harvestable products from the garden are organicly grown. The selection of fruits are shown on the page picking tips.

Harvesting periods

Harvesting periods of certain fruits and vegtables vary based on weather conditions. Therefore harvesting periods can differentiate per sort every year. Do you want to be informed about current harvest periods? Follow us on facebook and or twitter. For the daily assortment check the page currently pickable. Tips and tricks about picking fruits and vegetables and or conserving are written down on the page picking tips.

On some occasions the amount of visitors is above average. This is why we can’t guarentee that there is enough to pick for everyone.

Daily fresh eggs

Normaly it could, but because of the ongoing bird flu not this year.
In the garden you were able to pick your own organic eggs from the hen houses. Egg cartons are available inside the store, you are also allowed to bring your own. The chickens don’t just lay eggs. They scuttle around the garden fertilising the ground, eating slug eggs and clearing weeds.


There are several beehives around the garden we have three beekeepers active on our farm. You can frequently see them active during opening hours, caring for their beehives. The honey is sold in the store. Sprankenhof also has a care facility based around beekeeping. More information about this check the following: (this site is as of now only available in dutch)

Other animals

National park de Loonse en Drunense Duinen is house to a herd of around 700 sheeps. From time to time a small group of those sheeps are kept in a field on our farm. During our season you have a chance to run into the shepherd and a hand full of his herd. Besides that we have some cows.